The Mass

During Lent 2010 I started a series on the Mass. It’s my way of explaining what it is we Catholics do and believe based on my own studies and my personal experience as a former Protestant and convert to the Catholic faith. I figure it might be helpful for those who’ve ever wondered why we do what we do. And, as my “cradle Catholic” girls grow up, it might be interesting for them to see how I experience the Mass based on my Protestant upbringing.

1) I just don’t get it!

2) The Mass: Where to Begin?

3) What’s up with the holy water?

4) Sit, Kneel, Stand…Repeat

5) The Dirty “R” Words

6) A man ought to examine himself

I can’t tell you when I’ll finish this series. The Mass is so rich and full of beautiful Scriptural and Sacred Tradition. I don’t plan on documenting everything from the Catechism. I will occasionally give paragraph references and often give Bible verses. As much as I’d like to offer all the references I just don’t have the time to look them all up. I welcome feedback if I miss something crucial.


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