Amy’s top ten…

March 29, 2010

 …reasons for home schooling!

10. No sitting in car lines, car-pooling or waiting at the bus stop in the rain.  

9. You get to spend A LOT of time with your kids!   Ok, that one could go both ways! 🙂

8. You can schedule a family vacation whenever you want.

7. You never have to attend PTA meetings.

6.  Your kids can go to school in their pajamas and the teacher can too! (Not that we’ve ever tried that.)

5. You can declare it’s  a “snow day” and take the day off, even if you live in Florida!

4. You’ll never have to buy and eat 20 candy bars because your kid didn’t sell enough of them for the annual school fundraiser! (Ok, that one could definitely work both ways!)

 3. You’ll never have to stay up late to finish (oops, I mean help your child finish) meaningless busy-work or a ridiculous science project.

2.  You can choose the curriculum that is best suited for your child.

And #1:

You and your children can talk about and practice your faith throughout the school day without…

… the principal telling you that you’re politically incorrect

…the school board scolding you for infringing on the rights of  others

… or the teachers contradicting the moral values and theological beliefs you’re trying to instill in your kids

[Disclaimer and Qualifier: This is meant to be a semi-humorous, semi-serious list of some of my reasons for home schooling my kids, not a judgment against anyone who chooses to put their kids in school. While I’m happy with the results we’ve seen with home schooling I am not a home schooling mom who believes it is the only or best option for everyone. At his point in life, it just happens to work for us. By the way, if your kids are in school and they’re selling chocolate candy bars don’t hesitate to send them my way! :-)]