losing your balance


I’ve never been a very graceful or coordinated person. I tend to run into things and drop stuff (especially in the kitchen). I’ve been known to  fall down while going up the stairs and trip over invisible bumps in the sidewalk. After 15 years of marriage Scott’s pretty much used to it. I like to tell myself he finds it to be an endearing quality of mine.

One of my most embarrassing moments occurred while I was working for the Department of Defense and performing with the USO overseas. It was a 4th of July show on a large military base in Japan. Picture 1000 families, a stage that had just been waxed and an opening number performed in a pair of old dance shoes that desperately needed to be re-soled. Combine all that with my stellar coordination (they hired me for my voice not for my dance skills) and you can imagine what that embarrassing moment looked like. I slid across the stage and landed right on my… (well, you get the picture).

Staying balanced has been an issue in others ways too. As a teen and young adult my days were booked solid. Friends joked with me about having to be penciled into my schedule. I look back on those days and realize how much I missed in some of those relationships. Mostly because I was a chronic overachiever for all the wrong reasons.

In my mid-twenties I did a lot of soul-searching and began to understand the motivation behind many of my choices. Since then I’ve made a conscious effort to be careful as to where I spend my time, talents and thoughts. I know well some of my weaknesses and I don’t want my relationship with God,  my family or my close friends to suffer because of them.

It’s easy to lose your balance in life–to wake up one day and realize you’ve spent too much time and energy on something that God never really called you to do. It could be as big as career and relationship choices made from a deeply rooted and mistaken belief that you are what you do. Or as simple as a worry or concern you’ve allowed to consume your thoughts. Either one is like a cyst or foreign object growing in your heart and mind, taking up space in a place it doesn’t belong. Before you know it things just don’t feel right and your life is thrown out of balance.

Last week my brother had brain surgery to remove some tumors and a large cyst that was placing pressure on his  cerebellum. Apparently it had been there growing at a slow pace for quite some time. He didn’t know it until his symptoms appeared. His coordination and balance were off. He lost dexteriety in his hand and there were headaches as a well as fatigue. 

They were a lot like the spiritual sypmptoms I see when I’ve allowed something to creep into my life that shouldn’t be there. My balance is thrown off, it’s hard to coordinate everything in my calendar and it’s easy to fall into sin. I find I’m not as flexible in my relationships, especially with my family, and I can get tired and stressed out.

I’m especially in tune with this balance issue right now because of starting my new job at church. Not only has my brother’s surgery made me stop and think but God sent me another reminder a few weeks ago when the girls went to VBS (Vacation Bible School). The theme was about keeping your balance when you work,  play, rest and pray. It was His not so subtle way of reminding me that now more than ever I need to guard my time and my thoughts so I stay centered in Christ.

Of course, I can’t help but ask…

What is it in your life that causes you to lose your balance? What do you need to do this week to stay centered in your relationship with Christ? Whatever it is, make sure you do it!

One Response to losing your balance

  1. Dear A.

    I know, oh how well I know, that you are a very busy woman! But I have also started to memorize this post. I love you. I love this post. I need a new post to entertain me. 🙂


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