Story Time


Last night I had the chance to sit around a table with a small group of men and women from my church and share our faith “stories.” As I listened I realized in some ways I was being allowed to enter “holy ground.” I mean the work of God in our lives, his gift of faith which draws us into a love relationship with Him, isn’t that a holy thing? It’s holy ground.

Each believer has a story and that story is not only deeply personal, it’s holy. Some may think their story isn’t exciting or all that interesting but who are we to say God’s handiwork isn’t exciting. If the God of the universe knows us as intimately as Psalm 139 tells us He does, then how could the work of His love in our lives not be interesting?

Perhaps one of the most beautiful stories I heard last night was given by a woman who simply lived a faithful life with Jesus, never wavering, only seeking to do His will.  I should be careful though not to label this the most beautiful story because I was moved by each one I heard. Each one reminded me of how incredibly personal our God is and yet how very similar our stories really are. 

Here’s the paradox: Our stories are both unique while at the same time universal.

The Father knows you, His Son loves you and the Spirit is working in your life. This is the outline for your story and mine. The rest of the details may be very different but the blueprint is the same. This is the beauty of our common faith in and love for Christ. And that beauty makes me want to ask the people I meet…

What’s your story?

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2 Responses to Story Time

  1. :c) L O V E L Y Post A.

  2. amyridgewell says:

    I have now read this like 383838383838 times. I miss your blog. (Not that I read it…because reading your blog somehow would make me more “big C” Catholic than I already am. I am a “little c” catholic. Not “big C”)

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