Change is coming…


It’s been raining off and on all night and this morning. Looks like a good snow day to me.

Translation: No School!! 

I think we’ll curl up on the couch and read books today. We need a quiet day and some rest. Life’s been busy around here. Our weekends have been especially busy.

It seems like we’ve been going non-stop ever since Holy Week.

After Easter we had the dedication of our new church. I’ll share some pictures sometime soon.

Claire then had her First Communion retreat.

I’ve had a couple of weddings to sing at (one of which was very special to our family).

Claire received her First Holy Communion last weekend. That was a full weekend. There’s more to share about First Communion and I probably will, just not today.

My sister was in town last week. We celebrated my brother’s graduation from his PH.D program. We now have a Dr. in the family! (We’re proud of you Pat and so glad that part of your journey is over for you and your family).

And of course there’s been much time spent with friends, just doing life and this faith journey together.

So I’ve been too busy to write. And life is about to get a little busier. Busy in a good way though.

I’ve been contemplating taking on a new role in life. I finally made a decision last week.

Scott and I are embarking on a new adventure in our faith journey.  I agreed to join the staff at my church where I’ll serve part-time as a faith formation director. On the one hand this is totally new but on the other I’ve sensed some kind of change in my life coming. I just didn’t expect it this year.

You can pray for us as we serve. I say we because this really is a family deal. There’s no way I could do this and still home school the girls without Scott’s involvement and support. Although it’s a sacrifice of time we’re excited about what God will do as we serve and grow with the other families in our parish.

Change can be good.

Change for our family.

And change for me as I’m challenged in this new role to grow in His grace and love.

4 Responses to Change is coming…

  1. I am excited about the changes… You will do great as a faith formation director. Your family is a blessing to the parish and those you come in contact with.

  2. My dear sister in Christ, Amy,
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you. Sincerely rm’l

    Ps… my nom de plume…

    • Amy says:

      Thanks again for those photos from First Communion and the “old church.” They are great. And I’m glad you dropped by the blog. Blessings to you!


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