Seven Signs of Spring


It’s beginning to look a lot a little like spring!

It sure has taken long enough. This has been the coldest Florida winter I can remember (and I’ve been here for all but 2 of the last 40 years).

We usually get a few good beach days in February. Not this year. Nada, none, zilch. It’s March 7th and it’s still too cold.

Finally this weekend, there are signs of hope; signs that spring is right around the corner. The sun is shining, the temp has been in the 60’s and now the rest of the week looks promising.

There are others signs as well.

Here’s The Simmons Family’s Seven Signs of Spring for 2010:

1) The pollen count is slowly rising. Claire, Ella and I are now surviving on Claritin. They’re making a killing off of us each spring.  We should just buy stock and get some of our money back.

2) The gas fire-place has decided to work intermittently. Ok, this is not an official sign of spring but I’m praying it is because it’s the main source of heat we choose to use in this house. I actually think it’s on strike because we’ve over-worked it this winter.

3) Scott and I went to breakfast Saturday morning (sans children) at our favorite diner and it was packed full of snowbirds (shorts, long dark socks with tennis shoes, funny accents and all!). Fortunately the girl who seats people knows us by name and made sure we got a great table…

4) …that great table was outside. It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Warm enough to sit outside, sip coffee and read the paper, oops, I mean sit and stare into one another’s eyes while we waited for our food. 🙂

5) Scott and the girls are outside. They’re cleaning off the trampoline and dusting off the lounge chairs as I type. It won’t be long before we’re spending our Sunday afternoons at the beach and by the pool.

6) Last night I made our favorite spring/summer time appetizer: Avocado, Tomato and Feta Salsa. Yum! It’s not spring yet but here’s my rationale: If you make it, spring will come. I’ll post the recipe sometime. It’s a good one.

And finally, #7:

The girls are working hard (well, Claire is) and gearing up for their annual home school evaluations which we scheduled to have before spring break. Needless to say we’re all counting down the days until evaluations are over we start an extended three week spring break! Gotta’ love the freedom of home schooling. It lets us take advantage of the gorgeous Florida weather.

[Note to my friends up north: I know, I know, I know…I need to stop complaining about how cold it is in Florida! :-)]

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