That explains everything!


Scene: The family is sitting around the kitchen/living room island eating dinner. The girls spent the afternoon at their friends’ house and now they’re telling us about their day.

Claire: Dad, I made a New York, New York Super Style Crumble Cake with Grace today.

Scott: [teasing her] Is that really the name Claire or did you make that up?

Claire: Yes Dad, that’s really the name. It’s a New York, New York Super Style Crumble Cake. Really, I mean it, it’s a New York, New York Super Style Crumble Cake.

[For some reason she likes saying this name over and over.]

Ella: May I please say something? And Claire, don’t you say anything because you always interrupt me. [Spoken like the youngest child that she is.]  Hey Dad, your friend, Mr. Jonas is going to Georgia for a meeting.

Scott: Oh yeah, who told you that?

 [Being the the oldest sibling that she is, Claire interrupts. She tries to show off her new vocabulary from CCD–a.k.a Sunday School]

Claire: Maybe her “conscience” told her Dad.

[Frustrated that her dialogue with her dad has been interrupted by her big sister]

Ella: No Claire. Mrs. Jonas told me…And besides, I don’t have a conscience!

Scott: [Looking at me] Well, that pretty much explains everything now doesn’t it. 🙂


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