Everything old…


…is new again.

  Ever felt like you wasted time because you looked for life and love in created things instead of the Creator? St. Augustine did. Here’s an old prayer of his. It’s a prayer for lost time…

 Late have I loved you, O beauty so ancient and so new. Too late have I loved you! You were within me while I had gone outside to seek you. Unlovely myself, I fell heedlessly upon all those lovely things you had made. And always you were with me, and I was not with you. And all theses beauties that held me far from you would not have existed unless they had their being in you.

You called, you cried, you broke open my deafness. You blazed, you gleamed, you drove away my blindness. You sent your fragrance and I drew in my breath, and I long for you.

I tasted, and now I hunger and thirst. You touched me, and now I burn with desire for your peace. Amen.

That old prayer is a favorite of mine which is why I really like this new song by Matt Maher…

I woke up in darkess, surrounded by silence.
O where, where have I gone?
I woke to reality losing its grip on me.
O where, where have I gone?
Cause I can see the light, before I see the sunrise.
You called and you shouted.
Broke through my deafness.
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out.
I’m alive again.
You shattered my darkness.
Washed away my blindness.
Now I’m breathing in and breathing out.
I’m alive again.
Verse 2
Late have I loved you.
You waited for me I searched for you.
What took me so long?
I was looking outside.
As if love would ever want to hide.
I’m finding I was wrong.
Cause I can feel the wind before it hits my skin.
‘Cause I want you.
Yes I want you
I need you.
And I’ll do whatever I have to
Just to get through
Cause I love you
And I love you.

2 Responses to Everything old…

  1. j says:

    My fave musician, LBs patron saint, and a post about both by my fave person…. :-] Beautiful prayer! I didn’t know he wrote that.

  2. Angela says:

    This is so painfully-beautifully true… And isn’t it amazing to discover we are not alone, not by any stretch, in our struggle…
    Thank you, Aim!!

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