“Sorry, I’m just not that into you”


Recently a few of my friends brought to my attention that I’ve neglected my Facebook account  (i.e. no photos or updates, no response to requests). So last week I logged on and discovered 26 friend requests that had gone unanswered and more than 100 event and group requests waiting. Oops!  I suppose I have been MIA for a while which is why I think it’s time I explain myself…

Facebook, it‘s time we clear the air…

When we hooked up in the summer of ’08 it was fun, a novelty, something to pass the time.  But to be honest, I grew tired of our relationship rather quickly.

No, no, no, it’s not that we don’t have anything in common; we actually have  a lot in common including many of the same friends and acquaintances. I like our mutual friends, really I do. But you’re quite the social butterfly (it’s just who you are) and well, you know I’ve always been more of  an introvert. That’s why the time and energy it takes to keep up with you is a bit much for me.

I know it sounds cliche but really, “it’s not you, it’s me.”

I want you to know I really tried to make it work–to return your emails and respond to your requests. But in the end my inability to keep up with you led to procrastination and well, for me procrastination often leads to avoidance…

Yes, that’s why I’ve pretty much stopped responding to your requests altogether.

No there’s nothing you could have done differently.

To be perfectly blunt, right now I have other priorities I need to focus on. Please don’t take it personally. I think you’re great, really great. You’re full of personalities and you have a lot to offer this world and all of your friends. I’ve no doubt there’s someone (or several million someones) out there who are right for you. I’m just not one of them. At least not right now. Which is why I think we need to change our relationship status.

Yes, I suppose my feelings could change, anything’s possible. But, for now, I think I should make it clear…

 Facebook, I’m just not that into you.


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