a journey with Jesus…


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. The season of Lent is upon us already. This is such a powerful season and beautiful reminder of how we are called to live with humble and contrite hearts before God. 

At our Wednesday afternoon park day with some other Catholic home school families some of the moms talked about sacrificing things for Lent. It proved to be a very interesting conversation. [ And no Nancy, I’m not going to take your suggestion and write about THAT! 🙂 ]

Three conclusions I made from our discussion:

1) Your Lenten sacrifices and commitments should come from the heart. If you give up a food or beverage don’t do it to lose weight or just get rid of habit. Let it be a real sacrifice. When you desire it, offer up the sacrifice of that desire to God with a specific prayer intention for someone else.  For example: If you’re giving up dessert then each time you’re tempted to eat it offer up your sacrifice and pray for the the single mom at your church who can barely buy enough food to feed her kids dinner much less buy the treats and extras. 

2) Your Lenten sacrifices and commitments should draw you closer to Jesus so you become more like Him.

3) People will offer you many “holy” and interesting suggestions for what you should or shouldn’t do during Lent. But, if you’re paying attention to #1 and #2 then the sacrifices you make for the Lord will most likely look different from those around you. And that’s as it should be.

Each one of us is unique and have our own faith journey to walk with Jesus. While we can learn from the saints and other holy brothers and sisters, we aren’t called to be another St. Clare, St. Francis, St. Therese’ or Mother Teresa. We are called to be holy and to let God express His love through our unique gifts and personalities. This is what I want for my Lenten journey and my life. I hope that’s what you want too.


One Response to a journey with Jesus…

  1. Nancy Maggio says:

    I’m so thankful for that!!

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