92 Valentines Later…

No, that’s not how many Valentine’s dates I’ve had. 🙂

And it’s not the number of Valentine’s Days I’ve celebrated either. Despite all the old age jokes I heard last week, I’m not that old — of course, I’d be looking darn good for my age if I were 92.  

92 is the number of Valentine’s cards Claire and Ella are making for their friends who attend our home school park day (46 cards each).  Tomorrow is our Valentine’s Day celebration so I bet you can guess what we did for school today. Yep, we were up to our eyeballs in Valentine’s Day Cards.

Now I know what some of you are thinking — Those home school families. They do a craft for an hour or two and call it a school day. Who do they think they’re fooling?

Before you make any judgments and determine we home school moms are slackers let me share the vast educational experience in making 92 homemade Valentine’s cards. Ok, maybe it’s not vast but the beauty of home schooling is that you start to see everything in life as having educational value so that learning isn’t limited to the four walls of a classroom or a homework assignment. 

Math, Economics and Home Economics: First we went looking for store bought, pre-made Valentines –we aren’t all Martha Stuart moms, you know. During this process we added up the cost of several boxes of cards and determined that the cost of buying 92 pre-made cards was more than making our own. This decision was made easier by the fact that the Hannah Montana cards were the only ones my girls wanted and well, I’m sorry but as far as I’m concerned Miley and Disney have enough money as it is! This meant shopping for some materials and comparing prices per unit so we could get the best deal.

Note: Ella, of course, could care less about the cost. Claire on the other hand was calculating how many kids in Africa she could feed if she bought the cheaper construction paper. 🙂

Religion, History and Reading: Being a Catholic family we of course talked about St. Valentine. And I, being a former “Bible alone” Protestant, had them read Bible verses that tell us about God’s love. 

A little more Math: While cutting out hearts for Ella, I had Claire determine how many sheets of paper I’d need if  I could get three hearts out of each piece of paper. That covered multiplication and division for the day and moved into a little exercise of counting by threes for Claire. Ella kept track of the number of hearts by counting by twos.

Spelling and Handwriting:  I made each one figure out what they wanted to say on the cards and write it out for me. Then I printed out their message on labels for their cards and had them sign each one–Claire practiced her cursive and Ella, well, I’m not sure how many she actually signed.

Finally, the character building portion of this crafty home school project….Patience and perseverance. By card #20 the girls were over this project (this non-crafty mom was over it well before that). At card #21 we discussed the importance of finishing the job with a good attitude (my own included).

Here’s to a fun-filled Valentine’s Park Day tomorrow. Oh, did I mention the high is supposed to 50 degrees with a wind-chill factor of God knows what? (That’s cold for us Floridians.)

Oh, well. Happy Valentine’s Day!


4 Responses to 92 Valentines Later…

  1. Denise says:

    Too cute- I love your school day of doing Valentines!!! Right now I am looking at a Science Lab of Caleb’s made out of a Home Depot box with window and an open flap on top to greet the people who need to bring there sick animals to get help. “I am not a veterinarian” he says “I will help the animals all hours of the day because it is a science lab”. And Joshua- he has his spy playhouse, of course another large Home Depot box. I say this to you because it just makes me laugh how boys and girls are so different in their “creative minds”. Then their is Daniel, our little terror who comes running in and crashes into both of the boxes, knocking down the money holder inside, ripping the door/window off. This actually is our second set of “boxes” in the last 2 days. Love and miss you!!!

  2. Amy says:

    You are right. Boys and girls are sooooo different. It’s so good to hear about your boys. I wish I could see them in person. I bet they’re so grown up and knowing their mom full of energy. Thanks for the picture and for dropping by the blog.

  3. Nancy Maggio says:

    You are so right! I won’t tell you how much I spent on “boxed” valentines!! Next year, we are starting right after new years on the home made variety!

  4. Amy says:

    I think I got off easy. 46×4? you may have to start before Christmas!

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