Lordy, Lordy, today I’m…



Say it isn’t so! 🙂 

How quickly time goes by. Seems like just yesterday Claire was defending my youthfulness to her little sister.

For whatever reason our culture places a lot of importance on this birthday. I suppose for some it marks the turning point where one begins the second  half of their life (as if the years of anyone’s life are actually guaranteed and can be marked by a specific number of birthdays–a bit presumptuous of us humans don’t you think?). 

I may joke around about turning 40 and this “mid-life” thing but I’m not sure that deep down I buy into this viewpoint. I do however think it’s only natural to reflect on the years gone by and my life choices thus far–you know the drill…

I’m glad I did…

I wish I’d done…

and of course,

If I’d known then what I know now…

Here are some of my reflections and what I hope my girls might learn from me as a result.

I’m glad I

…became Catholic. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am that my faith journey landed me in the Catholic Church. There is a fullness to my faith that didn’t exist before. This is hard to describe to someone who doesn’t understand what Catholics really believe. All I can say is this is the best decision I’ve made in the last 10 years of my life.

 On this faith journey we each have to follow our own conscience but if you’ve never taken the time to understand what the Catholic Church really believes then I’d encourage you to find out (from an orthodox source). You may discover the depth and riches of this treasure we found.

Lesson for my daughters: Our Catholic faith is a pearl of great price. Your dad and I gave up a lot to find it. Don’t just take our word for it, study the Faith in order to know what you believe and why.

I wish I’d

…followed my heart and double-majored in college. I had two loves when I was young–teaching and music. I’ll never regret teaching at the community college, it was a great career choice for me. But, I wish I’d had the courage to pursue a degree in music too. I didn’t believe enough in my talent and potential and so I went with what my head told me was the safe bet. I should have followed my heart as well, not because I want a career in music but for my own growth, enjoyment and for the glory of God .

Lesson: Claire and Ella, listen to your head and your heart. Pursue your dreams. Don’t be afraid to have confidence in the gifts God has given you and use them for His glory.

If I’d known then…

the truth about artificial birth control and the beauty of the theology of the our bodies, I would’ve done things very differently early in our marriage.  My house would probably have a few more kids, be a little messier and a lot more chaotic. But oh the joy and love that comes with each miraculous gift of life!

Lesson: Claire and Ella, don’t just accept what our culture teaches about fertility and artificial birth control (ABC) like I did. Take the time to understand why the Church tells us that ABC is not God’s plan for His children. Trust the Word of God that tells us fertility is a gift, not a curse and children are a blessing, not a burden. 

Hmmm, a light-hearted beginning and heavy ending. Such is life –made up of both and everything in- between.

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