3 Women + 3 Crosses = A little perspective


When my own cross seems a little heavy I find it’s not just good to look up toward Jesus on the cross but also out toward others and the crosses they bear. It seems to bring a little perspective on the weight and length of my own cross.

Today I’m thinking of and praying for three women.

A wife and mother of two who lost her husband in December.

–God the Father, be a father to her fatherless children, God the Son, be her spouse and God the Holy Spirit, comfort her broken heart.

A young mother who lost her prematurely born son in January.

–Blessed Mother, you know what it is to lose your own son “too soon.” Please pray for your daughter.*

A mother of five little ones who is suffering the end stages of cancer and hoping for a miracle.

–Father, somehow bring peace in the midst of what seems so tragic. Comfort this mother as she comforts her own children. 


*Note: If you have a problem understanding why I’d ask Mary, the mother of God incarnate, to pray for this woman, you may want to read this post


2 Responses to 3 Women + 3 Crosses = A little perspective

  1. How do you always post such good posts?

  2. Amy says:

    J. you are kind. Thanks for the positive feedback.


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