On folding laundry and following God’s will – Claire’s perspective


Claire came into my room a few months ago while I was folding laundry. She sat herself down in the middle of the piles of folded clothes and began this conversation…

Claire: You’re not folding that towel the right way Mom.

[No doubt about it, she really is Scott’s daughter. Not that there ever was any doubt mind you. This only proves it 🙂 ]

Me: Claire, did you really come in here to tell me the right way to fold towels?

Claire:  No. 

Me: So are you here just to keep me company or are you gonna’ help me?

[She proceeds to pick up a towel and fold it the “right way”]

Claire: I think God might be telling me I should be a nun.

Me: (surprised but not really surprised) Really?

Claire: Yes really.

Me: So what do you think about that?

[Without missing a beat, in a matter of fact tone of voice…]

Claire:  I think I’m gonna’ tell Him “no.”

Me: (suppressing a grin) You sure you want to do that. I mean, tell God “no.”

[Putting down her properly folded towel, she gets up to leave]

Claire: I don’t know. I might change my mind.

Me: Yes, you just might.

Several months, masses and moments spent with Claire in prayer later and I’m beginning to think she might just change her mind. That is of course , if God is calling her to a vocation in the religious life–which He may or may not be doing. 

In some ways it wouldn’t surprise me. Claire is the one who regularly asks to stay a little longer for adoration. She’s disappointed when we can’t make it for benediction or liturgy of the hours. She has such a tender heart toward God and great empathy for others, remembering them in her prayers (the blessing at dinner is usually quite long). And I swear she can’t watch the Hallmark movie about the life of Mother Teresa without crying. Of course she’s still very young and we’d never pressure her one way or the other but it wouldn’t surprise me if she seriously considers choosing a vocation in the religious life. 

Regardless of her future vocation, I’m just pleased Claire is listening to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit in her heart.  While some might see her “no” as a defiance or disrespect for God’s will, I see in her response a trust and openness with God. There’s something refreshing about her faith and her honesty. She trusts her heavenly Father enough to be honest with Him. She doesn’t fear that her “no” would make God love her less. And, even at her young age, she knows her “no” right now is not the final word. It’s not the first time her childlike trust has spoken to my heart and I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

During Advent and Christmas we talked a lot about Mary’s fiat, her “yes” to God. Claire says she wants to be like Mary and do whatever God asks of her. Something tells me that she will.


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