Security Blankets


If your sense of well-being, peace of mind or self-worth are based on anything that can be taken away from you then you’re living with a false sense of security.


What in your life, if you lost it tomorrow would leave you reeling, I mean the “downward spiral, don’t know which end is up, my world is crumbling”  kind of reeling?

Is it your …

intellect, health, your ability to see, hear, walk?

reputation, the admiration and respect of others or perhaps your friends?

job, ability to provide for your family or  life savings?

spouse and kids?

dreams and talent?

Any one of these things disappearing tomorrow might make you feel like the carpet has been pulled out from underneath you. But, there’s a difference between falling down and falling into that abyss where we feel like we’re drowning in a tidal wave. Or being so freaked out that you’re trying to control anything and everyone in order to restore your sense of peace and security.

If you really want to know what temporal idols you cling to in this life then think seriously about what it is that would send you into that downward spiral?

If you want to take it out the of the hypothetical, ask yourself “what is it that steals my peace?” Then, take some time to examine how you actually react when you any of these things are threatened in the smallest of ways. This will tell you a lot about to what and whom you cling. 

Just how do you react when your reptutation has be sullied, your job performance has been a little off, your credibility is questioned, your marriage hits a few bumps in the road, your kids reject you,  your plans don’t happen in your timing or at all and others notice yours is not the ideal life afterall?

In short, what things make up your security blanket…what are your idols in this temporal life?

And don’t you think it’s time to give them up?


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