on burning journals and seeing the eternal


I’m closing out another journal this morning. Honestly I don’t know what to do with the boxes of journals I have from the last two decades of my life. I’ve told Scott that if I die before him he needs to burn them. I should probably have our attorney (a.k.a. Dad) put that in my will 🙂 . Of course, chances are good that when I’m dead I won’t care. Still, I’m not sure I want anyone to read the unedited musings of my mind (it just sounds like a scary idea– for me and for the reader as well). 

When I finish a journal I usually flip through the pages and consider where my head and heart have been for the last few months. I found this prayer I wrote during Advent.  It was my prayer for December 6th 2009. I think it should be my prayer for today and perhaps the rest of my life.

God of Eternity,

Open my eyes to see what is eternal.

Open my heart to love what is eternal. 

Move me beyond my attachments to this temporal life

that I may love your holy will and unite my will with yours.

May everything in my life be ordered by your divine love,

received in love,

and lived in love.



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