A Clean Slate

I love a clean slate, starting over, new beginnings. I’m sure it’s one reason why I enjoyed teaching at the college. Every semester was new, different and a chance to start over–new students, a new season of the year, new lesson plans–you get the picture. It’s probably why I also love the Church’s liturgical year with it’s different seasons: Advent, Christmas, Ordinary time, Lent, Easter, Pentecost and all the Holy Days. There’s something about the rhythm of life in the Church that I love–like starting a new liturgical year with Advent, a season of repentance that cleans the slate and prepares us for Christmas, a season of rejoicing.

There’s really nothing like a new year for starting over. For me the start of the calendar year is less about resolutions and more about having a clean slate on which to begin “writing”  a new season of life.  If you haven’t figured it out, this is my blog’s clean slate for the new year–a new look, new quote (gotta’ love Mother Teresa) and hopefully some new posts. 

I was silent for the last quarter of 2009. Actually I wasn’t really silent, there were plenty of people who heard my voice, thoughts and numerous opinions. I just didn’t put them down in writing. Not sure why. I think life just started rolling along and before I knew it a few things were left behind in the dust. Fortunately Scott, the girls and schooling weren’t anyof those things. We’re still on track and enjoying the home school ride. During the last quarter Scott has been busy establishing himself in a new role with the bank. We’re grateful that in this economy he still has a job and this new position is a nice change from mortgage banking.  Aside from that I’ve just been trying to keep life balanced for us all. For the most part things have been on a even keel. 

With January quickly coming to a close I wanted to get this post out there and make good on my promise to myself to post more in 2010. So once again I start over with a clean slate. If things go as planned you’ll hear from me more often and those who put up with me on a daily basis will have to listen to a few less of my opinions and rambling thoughts.


One Response to A Clean Slate

  1. Yay! It’s so nice to have you back!!!

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