Do I really believe?

…nothing happens in this world but by the order of God, or at least by His divine permission. All He wills or permits turns infallibly to the advantage of submissive and resigned souls. Even that which upsets our spiritual plans turns into something which is better for us. (Fr. Jean-Pierre De Caussade)

If I really believed this…

…I’d complain less about my circumstances

…I wouldn’t worry nearly as much about what comes next in life

….I’d spend less time placing hope in my idols and illusions and more time resting in the peace that comes with trusting our sovereign and holy God

…I’d trust that He really is working all things together for my eternal good and His eternal glory

Once again I pray… Lord I believe, now help me in my unbelief.


2 Responses to Do I really believe?

  1. ptemailman says:

    Whew, what a sweet release His love is really making, connecting deep within us freeing us from so many fears of, what if, woulda coulda shoulda, eh!

    Coming to the revelation of His love, as I, out of my fear/s let go, only to discover He, my Father, has a life grip on my being 4ever, and it’s in the now that I continue to face, He is slowly making real an inner ability, in being still, I know He IS God!

  2. J, says:

    “Lord I believe, now help me in my unbelief.”… I love that quote. You sent it to me a long time ago and I haven’t stopped remembering that in my times of unbelief.

    Beautiful post!

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