Living with Superman


Tuesday Morning: While driving to Mass, Claire is quizzing Ella on some spelling words. Ella is doing well but then comes the first mistake and I wait for her typical response… I’m just stupid. I can’t do anything right. This  leads to a conversation about how we don’t have to do everything perfectly.

Me: You Know Ella, we don’t have to do everything perfectly. In fact, everybody makes mistakes.

Ella: (In her most “matter of fact” voice) That’s not true Mom.  Dad doesn’t make mistakes!

[Had I been eating something at the time I would have choked on my food. Good thing for that hour long fast before Mass. 😉 ]

Wednesday Afternoon:  Driving to my parents house, watching an educational video produced by the  Discovery Channel.

Claire: Mom, what channel number is the Discovery Channel?

Me: I don’t know Claire.

Ella: Hey Claire, we’ll just ask Dad.

Claire: Yeah, I’ll ask Dad. Dad knows everything.

[This time I almost choked on a sip of my soda… 🙂 ]

Thursday Evening: Mr. Jim, a family friend, is over for dinner.  Mr. Jim happens to exercise at the same Wellness Center as we do.

Claire: Hey Mr. Jim, did you know my daddy is the strongest man?

Mr. Jim: Yes, he’s very strong. Did you know he’s so strong they had to order more weights for him to lift at the gym?

[ Good thing I was holding my wine glass with two hands. I almost dropped it on the spot.]

Yep, that’s my husband, their daddy…

He makes no mistakes.

He knows everything.

And, he’s soooooo strong….

Ok, I get that they’re 100% Daddy’s Girls but…

Would someone please hand me the kryptonite now? 🙂


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