When I Think I Know…

Just when I think I know someone they’ll go and do something that catches me completely off guard, something so unexpected that I begin to wonder if  I ever really knew them at all… 

…and then, someone I hardly know will say or do something so familiar, so very close to home that I’m left wondering if there’s something to that whole “kindred spirit” thing

Just when I think I know God and have Him all figured out, He shows me a side of Himself that I never knew before and He leaves me humbled by my presumption and amazed by the many facets of His grace…

…and then there are those moments when I don’t think I know Him at all — when I feel far from who He is and even farther from His heart– and He surprises me by revealing His familiar presence in the deepest part of my soul and I realize…

When I think I know… I really don’t.


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