Ten things my dad taught me

Today is my dad’s 70th birthday.

In honor of his 70th I thought about listing the top 70 things my dad taught me but realized that would be a mighty long post. So, I’ve decided to go with a “top ten” list of things I’ve learned from my dad over the years. Here they are…

10) Show mercy – My dad is one of the most merciful men I know. I could tell you stories but those are his treasures stored in heaven.

9) Be consistent – I can still hear him saying this to me at a sailing regatta after I finished first and then last in two consecutive races. I don’t think he was suggesting that I had to win every race (and certainly not to consistently come in last) but instead to give focused effort to everything I do. As an adult I’ve translated that advice into being focused and yet balanced. I’ve been working on that ever since then.

8] It’s possible to memorize the book of Proverbs and drive your family crazy with your wisdom— I  love ya Dad! J

7) Be generous—I think that’s one reason why I picked St. Francis of Assisi as my confirmation saint.

6) Eat chocolate pie for breakfast J

5) Think before you speak—I’m sure there was a proverb he quoted for this. Of course, those who know me well know I’m still working on this one

4) Work hard

3) Take care of you family

2) Loyalty and the importance of keeping a confidence—I don’t think there’s anyone in the world I would trust more with a secret than my Dad.

Finally, the number one thing I learned from my Dad….I can trust my Father God

My dad didn’t just teach me this with words, he taught it by the way he lived and still lives his life. Because my earthly father showed mercy I learned to trust in God’s mercy. Because he was generous and took care of his family I find it easier to trust in God’s provision for my life. His loyalty and faithfulness gave me a glimpse of the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father and made it easier for me to trust God’s Word. 

No earthly father is perfect and I’m not suggesting my dad did it all right. But I know just how blessed I am. I know many people who struggle with trusting in and knowing God as their Father because of the example set by their earthly father or the absence of a father figure. 

So, thank you Dad for teaching what I needed to know most in life, that I can trust my Abba Father. I love you more than you’ll ever know. I hope you have a Happy Birthday! (And please remember that mercy thing when you realize I just told everyone you turned 70 today!)



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