Thanks Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday so I thought I’d wish her a Happy Birthday and tell her how glad I am that God brought her into this world. I suppose I’d better be glad ’cause if she hadn’t been born then I wouldn’t be here either. Obviously the gift of life is the greatest gift my mom gave me. But, there’s another gift my mom gave me that I’m reminded of on a weekly, if not daily basis.

One of my most vivid childhood memories is waking up early for school and seeing my mom sitting in the living room reading her Bible and praying. Later when my brother went away to college I’d pass by his room where she’d sit at a desk with her Bible open, notes from her studies spilling from between its pages and usually a list of people she was praying for.  From what I can remember she did this faithfully every morning before getting ready for work.  When I was older and struggling with all the angst that came with being a teenager my mom would spend time in the morning writing a Bible verse on a 3×5 card and a short note to encourage me. She’d slip it into my backpack and I would usually find it sometime during the school day.

 My mom would tell you she’s no saint but I can’t begin to tell you the impact her prayer life and love for the Bible had on me. If there’s one thing I am sure of in this life it’s that my mom has spent countless hours on her knees in prayer for me and our family.  And I know she’s still praying and not just for us but for anyone for whom we might ask her to pray. When my sister recently called to tell my mom a dear friend of hers was in ICU after an massive heart attack my mom prayed faithfully for this man she’d never met.  When I mentioned the son of one of my closest friends might have serious vision problems my mom prayed regularly and asked about him often.  I think my mom’s prayer life is one of the greatest ways she expresses her love for her family and friends.

Not only were her prayers a great gift but I’m certain that her example has helped to form my own prayer life and love for God’s written word.  I know my faith journey would not be the same without this example. I can only hope that my girls will see that same faithfulness in me that I saw in my mom.

So Mom, this post is for you.  Today I honor you and thank you for giving me the two greatest gifts: life and the key to living this life, knowing and loving God through prayer and His Word.  I love you and I hope you have a very happy birthday. Oh, and please note that I was a good daughter and didn’t announce your age.  🙂


That's my mom with Claire on Christmas morning

That's my mom with Claire on Christmas morning 2008.


One Response to Thanks Mom

  1. Jessica says:

    Happy Bday Amys Mom!!!

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