One for the Road


Yesterday was gorgeous here in Florida. One of those winter days the Sunshine State is famous for. After a week of record breaking cold it was a welcomed relief and it was about time.

It’s also about time for our regular winter/spring Sunday beach outings to start up again. This is one of my favorite family traditions: Sunday Mass, family brunch and then off to the beach for some R & R. Well, I get some R&R, Scott usually gets to bury his little girls in the sand and toss them around in the water. The water was a bit cold this Sunday but the girls still kept him busy.

Our beach tradition starts with loading the car with every beach toy we own. Then the girls buckle up, put the windows down and request their favorite tune for the road trip. We love the fact that the drive takes about one song and then we’re at the beach.

Their favorite tune to jam out to is Matt Maher’s Grace is Enough. Their second favorite was their one request for the road this Sunday. Claire prefers to sing while Ella moves and grooves.  My two drama queens/rock stars requested I put a link to the song on my blog, so here it is. [Note: Duffy’s performance isn’t nearly as good as Claire’s and Ella’s but it’ll  have to do]. 

[To  my northern friends: Build that next snowman for us. We’ll build a sandcastle for you.]


2 Responses to One for the Road

  1. Jessica says:

    Tell the girls fantastic choice of jamming out song!

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