How Quickly You Forget…and Remember

It’s been a while since I’ve had a baby in the house (four  years to be exact). It wasn’t long after Peyton’s mom and dad left that I realized just how much I’d forgotten about babies.

How quickly you forget…

…that your house becomes an obstacle course full of baby contraptions (i.e. high chairs, play pens, toys, toys and more toys) ready to trip you up at a moment’s notice.

…what it’s like to carry a basket of laundry on one hip, a baby on the other while talking on the phone and maneuvering through said obstacle course (that really should be an Olympic sport).

…how hard it is make dinner, do dishes,  pay bills or really do anything productive when you have a baby clinging to your ankle.

…the creativity and dexterity needed to change the diaper of a child who is constantly trying to flip over and crawl away (not an Olympic sport but definitely a challenge)

…how everything revolves around naptimes and meals

Funny how you forget these things. Probably has something to do with what you remember the most…

…how it feels to hold a little one in your arms

…the sweet smell of a baby’s head (not sure why it smells so good but it does)

…what it’s like to rock a little one to sleep

…the way babies always look happy to see you when they wake up from a nap (I’m sure it has more to do with the fact that you’re going to free them from the crib and feed them, but it sure feels good to be greeted with such enthusiasm)

…the absolute miracle and gift of life


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