2 + 2 = Chaotic Fun

We have a couple of house guests this weekend.

Remember those two little  boys who invited Claire and Ella over for a playdate last week? Well, their mom and dad have set sail on a cruise and the boys are staying with us while their parents enjoy a belated celebration of my girlfriend’s 40th birthday. The cruise was booked over  year ago which is when we happily offered to have Cameron, their only child at the time, stay with us.  However, before they could take that cruise a better birthday surprise came up– a precious baby boy was about to be born and needed a family. My friend and her husband had been praying for God to bring another child into their lives and were thrilled when they found out this baby would be theirs.  The timing of the adoption meant delaying their cruise. Fast forward a year and here I am with not just one adorable boy but two. For the next four days I get to enjoy the chaos and fun of loving and managing two extremely excited girls, one very energetic boy and a curious crawling baby.

[Note: I’ve already thrown up a few prayer requests to the patron saints of patience and endurance. I’m gonna’ need all the help I can get!  🙂 ]



One Response to 2 + 2 = Chaotic Fun

  1. Jessica says:

    I won’t make a comment about your “creative” math title. But I will say that I am praying for you and your level of patience… Cute kids… all 4 of em.

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