A Friend Like This

The following email message was waiting for me this morning.



Claire and Ella are cordially invited to a play date and sleepover at our home next Thursday…their “limo” (aka Envoy) will arrive around 3pm in the afternoon on Thursday and will deliver them back home on Friday after lunch.  We will not take NO for an answer…they are being personally summoned by 2 cute little boys who want a play date, and their mommy who wants to give her sweet friend some quiet time.  This is on the calendar in ink so we pray it works for their busy schedule!!  =)


Now, you men may not get just how much a gesture like this means but most of the moms I know do. And rest assured fellow moms, I know just how blessed I am to have a friend like this.



I know there are moms out there who live far from family and close friends and they wish they had someone like this in their life. Just the other day one of the mom’s at the Wellness Center was lamenting over the fact that one of her closest friends is moving up north.


Friends who know you and know when and how to reach into your life with acts of love like these are not always easy to find. Friendships like these take time and effort to cultivate which is why this gesture means so much. Yes, I’ll love having some quiet time for myself next week. But, what I value even more is my friend and the fact that she’d sacrifice her time and energy for me. Not surprisingly, in the ten years that I’ve known her, this friend has taught me a lot about true friendship.


Today I pray for all those moms out there who need a friend like this in their lives. And more importantly, I pray that you, Lord, will show them and me how to be a friend like this for someone else.



A friend loves at all times,

and a brother is born for adversity. 

Proverbs 17:17




 Note: Those 2 cute boys are 4 years and 10 months old. I’ll take advantage of the sleepovers now because when those boys get older and Claire and Ella begin to think they’re cute the sleepovers will cease ;-).


One Response to A Friend Like This

  1. lovinglegacy says:

    giggling, because i think i know who those boys are, and they certainly are cute. and because i know this woman is a true friend. i love you! hugs – ang

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