Worth it

Found this note from Claire stuck to my computer screen.



Makes those crazy and sometimes frustrating moments worth it.




[Note: A friend and fellow mom who saw this post was kidding around with me and asked “Hey, has it been one of those weeks with the kids?” I asked how she knew and she said because of the way I described the photo in the post. I had to laugh. My astute friend read between the lines. I suppose if it had been one of those blissful weeks where everyone was getting a long and the girls did what I asked when I asked then I might have called this post…


 One of the simple pleasures of being a mom.


It hasn’t exactly been a blissful week. Not even close. It’s our first week back to schooling after having three weeks off. It feels like I’m having to crack the proverbial whip just to get a few math problems done with Claire and complete a reading lesson with Ella. Of course, in the end it’s always worth it. But maybe if I’m lucky we’ll get some bliss next week. 🙂 ]


[Second note: For those few readers upon whom my hyperbole is lost… No, I don’t really use a whip when we’re home schooling. I just tie them to their desks. 🙂 Ok, I don’t even do that. Better be careful what I write lest they send DCF after me. ] 


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