It’s all about who?

The primary philosophical and spiritual problem in the West is the lie of individualism. Individualism makes church almost impossible. It makes community almost impossible. It makes compassion almost impossible…I need to recognize that I’m in a river that is bigger than I am. The foundation and flow of that river is love. Life is not about me; it is about God, and God is about love.

-Richard Rohr


Individualism leads to a rights based mentality. That’s obvious by the state of affairs in our country. But Christians aren’t immune to this. In fact, individualism and this rights based mentality run rampant in the Church. 

So often Christians make the Church all about their preferences for the man in the pulpit, the music or the people in the pews. Or they make their beliefs about their personal interpretations of Scripture and their service based on what is comfortable for their flesh.

Many Christians adopt the “it’s just me and Jesus” mentality and fail to see we are called to submit to the authorities God has established over us and to one another in love. As Rohr says, we’ve fallen for the the lie that the Kingdom of God is about our rights and individual preferences. We’ve made the Kingdom of God about our individual freedom when it’s really about community and our responsibility to love God and our neighbors as ourselves.


2 Responses to It’s all about who?

  1. cooseyj says:

    I love that quote.

  2. Amy says:

    Hey Jess-
    I knew you would. Like you I’ve found many passages in Rohr’s book that I could quote. Thanks for loaning it to me.

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