A Change of Plans

There are a lot of things we should have done today: Christmas decorations to take down and store, lesson plans to plan and of course, laundry (there’s always laundry). But we didn’t do any of those things.

Instead, when an appointment in my schedule was changed,  I decided we should hit the beach.


It was a gorgeous day here in Florida. The water temperature was a bit cold but the air temp was perfect. I hadn’t planned on the girls swimming but as you can see that didn’t stop them. I think they’re nuts! This Florida girl wouldn’t even put her toe in the surf.


Claire dousing Ella with a bucket of water.

You can imagine how well this went over with the little sister!

 Life is too short. And Florida is just too beautiful this time of year. There will be other days to learn math (right J.?) Besides, according to Bruno I’m allowed to blame it all on my music leader.  After all, he cancelled today’s practice and told me to enjoy the day so I figured we should spend that time at the beach. So it’s really his fault I was unproductive today. 🙂

Here’s to a great day at the beach.



Fully clothed + covered in sand = complete mess in my car!

Fully clothed + covered in sand = complete mess in my car!

We’ll hit the books on Monday…unless, of course, there’s a change of plans. 🙂

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