Cinnamon Rolls and Mean Mom Unity

Scene: Claire, Ella and I, standing in line to get bagels at our favorite bagel place.

Claire: Mom, can we please get one of those cinnamon rolls, pleeaassssse?

Me: No, Claire. Not today.

Ella: Come on Mom, we’ll share it.  Pllllllleeeeeeeezzzzz.

Me: I said no, Ella.

Claire: Yeah mom, we’ll share it. Pleeeaaasssee.

Me: I said not today, Claire

Claire: But why not?

Me: Why do you think?

Claire: Because it’s not a healthy breakfast. (insert pouty look here)

Me: And?…

Claire: We had ice cream and cake twice yesterday at two different birthday parties.

Me: Yep, that’s about all the sugar you need this week.

Claire: Come on Mom, it’s just one.

Me: Claire, we’re not getting a sweet roll. We came here to get bagels to take to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. If you ask me again… (insert the “I’m serious, don’t say another word” look here)

Ella: (interjecting in her loud and dramatic four year old voice) You’re the meanest mom in the whole wide world.

[I shake my head and look for someplace to hide. I’m quite sure everyone in the store is watching us.]

Nice Lady next to me in line: (turning to Ella) – No sweety, you’re mom can’t be the meanest mom in the whole wide world. I’m the meanest mom in the whole world. My son told me so last night when I made him  eat broccolli for dinner.

[Ella is stunned and silenced by the news that there are other moms just as mean as I am. ]

Nice Lady winks at me and says:  We mean moms have to stick together you know.



One Response to Cinnamon Rolls and Mean Mom Unity

  1. cooseyj says:

    Haha. Meany head. ;c) Broccoli and cinnamon rolls were never an issue… for me it was squash. Ewwww.

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