Without Him I am Nothing

We sang one of my favorite songs after Communion today. It’s called “Breathe.” My Protestant friends would consider it an old song. Most of my cradle Catholic friends would say it’s a relatively new song to them. My pre-Vatican II Catholic friends have probably never listened to it before.  Anyway…

It’s such a simple song with simple lyrics and a simple melody but it never fails to lead my heart into prayer and express the cry of my heart. The chorus says this: And I, I’m desperate for you. And I, I’m lost without you.”

That’s it.  It’s so simple and yet it says it all.

I’m desperate for Jesus. I’m lost without Jesus. 

On her Facebook profile page my neice, Hannah, puts it this way:  

“Without Him I am nothing.” 

Me too Hannah, me too.


One Response to Without Him I am Nothing

  1. cooseyj says:

    I could not agree with you and/or Hannah more.

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