Since I’ve been gone…

Ok, this is probably my longest hiatus yet. It’s been a different season for me. Not much time and little inclination to post. Just “doing” life with my family and reflecting on it with God. Here are some of the highlights of the last two months.

Since I’ve been gone…

  • Ella turned five.
  • I took that road trip to Georgia with the girls (solo – no Scott, just me and the girls. Yes, it was a long drive and yes I used lots of bribes –Dairy Queen, Dunkin’ Donuts, gummy bear candy)
  • We finally took the training wheels off Claire and Ella’s bikes
  • I’ve nursed a lot of scrapes and bruises
  • We’ve had our first cold front (thank God!) and fall has finally begun in Florida
  • Claire turned seven.
  • I finally gave in and let the girls get their ears pierced.
  • The Tampa Bay Rays went to the World Series and lost (not that I really care. I don’t really watch baseball, except I did watch a few innings of the series)
  • I’ve wrestled with God over a few things. God won.
  • I’ve eaten more Halloween candy than anyone should be allowed to eat
  • I’ve exercised twice as much to ease my conscience over my Halloween candy addiction
  • I reconnected with an old friend whom I’ve missed very much!
  • I’ve seen one too many political ads
  • I voted in the presidential election and my candidate lost
  • The girls started Christmas play rehearsals (Christmas already, ugh! Time is flying by too fast)

Not very exciting but it’s our life around here. Of course there’s more but not everything is for “publication.” For those of you who check in with me every once in a while, keep doing so. I’ll write more frequently in the coming month. 



2 Responses to Since I’ve been gone…

  1. timglass says:

    My candidate lost, also. 😦

    It good to see you back.

    Many blessings to you and the family.

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Tim-
    Glad to see you still drop by. Blessings back to you and yours. Hope the diaconate process is going well.

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