A Good Reminder


I really like things to go my way. So, when I read the title of the following excerpt from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis, I cringed and considered putting the book away. My initial reaction aside I’ve read it many times over in the last month. It speaks truth and it’s a good reminder. Here it is…


It is good that everything is not always to our liking; for adversity makes people look into their hearts in order to realize that they are exiles and must not put their hopes in any worldly thing.

It is good for us to run into opposition and to have others think badly of us, even when our intentions are good. For these things help us to be humble and rid us of pride. Then we seek God more earnestly, Who alone knows our inmost self, when outwardly we are ignored and discredited by others.

Therefore, people should rely so entirely on God that they have no need to look for human consolations when adversity comes. When  people of good disposition are afflicted…then they understand the need they have of God that without Him they can do nothing.

Then too they grieve, while they sigh and pray because of the miseries they endure. They grow weary of this life and long for death in order to be with Christ, their Lord. It will also be clear to them that there is neither perfect peace nor security in this world.

Thomas A Kempis, The Imitation of Christ 


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