Not tonight…

Scott’s still at work. A rough day at the office. They had to let someone go today. Not sure of the circumstances, I just know my husband well enough to know that he hates having to do this.


So, my man is coming home late. The girls are fed, bathed and watching a movie. It’s a perfect time to write. Right? Well, not quite.


Ella is standing at my side with all her cuteness on display.

“Hey mom, will you come sit down with me and watch the movie?”


Will you hold me until I fall asleep on the couch in your arms?


Usually this honor is reserved for her Daddy so she doesn’t have to ask me twice.


Time is flying by too fast. I doubt she’ll make this offer much in the future.

So I won’t write tonight. Instead I’m gonna’ go hold my baby girl for as long as she let’s me.


2 Responses to Not tonight…

  1. suzpatrick says:

    oh amy- whatta precious photo… and yes, hold her as long as you can… (and she is SUCH a mini me of you- just gorgeous!!!)

  2. timglass says:

    Writing can always wait, when it comes to family!

    Goodnight. 🙂

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