Simple Pleasures of Spring

Spring has sprung and here in Florida it’s pretty much wilted already. Summer may not officially be here but it’s around the corner waiting to pounce.

 Here are some of the simple pleasures of springtime in Florida that we’ve enjoyed during the last couple of months… 

  • Playing “I spy a gator” with the girls while driving by Taylor Lake. The gators usually sun themselves on the banks or cruise on top of the water.  (One of the, uh, perks of living in Florida?)
  • Sitting outside by the pool listening to James Taylor and Jimmy Buffet. Thanks to their Aunt Amy, Claire and Ella do a great rendition of How Sweet It Is…[to be loved by you.] 
  • Spending Sunday afternoons savoring the cool air and breeze at the beach after having a late breakfast at our favorite diner.
  • Driving around town with the windows down and music on while Claire and Ella sing at the top of their lungs.
  • Riding bikes in the middle of the day without sweltering in the heat and humidity of a Florida summer day.

Yep, summer’s coming. You can feel the heat and humidity creeping back into the air.  Soon…

  • The gators will sink to the bottom of the lake where the water is cool.
  • We’ll live in the pool instead of by it.
  • The beach will feel like a sauna.
  • The car windows will go up and the air-conditioning will go on.
  • And, our bike rides will be a little shorter or they’ll have to wait until the sun is going down.   

We’ll miss you Spring. Until next year!


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