You can have this Jesus, but not that…


If you walk with Jesus long enough there will come a day when He asks you to hand over some area of your life to Him that you really don’t want to hand over. The “thing” may be different for each of us but the feelings associated with giving up control, with surrendering our right to do as we please, well, those feelings are probably very similar.


Jesus wants to come into every area of our lives. Sooner or later He knocks on every door in our heart and waits for our response. I think a large part of this faith journey is the process of opening up all the doors of our heart to Him and letting Him come in and take over. 


That process though can be tough. Too often we act as if it’s ok to withhold a part of our hearts or lives from Him.  I’ve done it many times (still do it). I’ve deceived myself by thinking that surely Jesus isn’t concerned with this part of my life, it’s inconsequential to my spiritual growth. But you see that’s just not true.


I once heard someone say, “if anything matters, then everything matters.” I’ve found this is true for Jesus and me.  If anything in my life matters to Jesus then everything must matter. Which means that Jesus wants my whole life. He doesn’t just want to lead me in my Bible study habits, in my “worship” or in “major” life decisions (like work or buying a home).  He wants to enter and transform every area of my life, every nook and cranny. He’s an interpersonal God. He’s an intimate God. And, He wants to be let into the most intimate areas of my life so that He can show me how to live like and love like Him.


I knew that blogging about artificial birth control would raise some issues. Sure enough one has come up. Not everyone agrees that Jesus needs or wants to be included in this area of our lives. I really do understand that perpsective. There was a time when I believed that this subject was a non-issue to God. But…(the following is about life in general and not just ABC)…


I no longer believe that our Father, our brother Jesus and our counselor, the Holy Spirit, is satisified with having just a part of us. After all, God created us. We belong to Him. Of course it’s our choice: Do we give back to Him what is rightfully His –our entire self, our entire life which He created and gave to us? Or, do we offer only the parts of our lives to Him that we see fit or that fit with our plans.


It’s easy to pray “Jesus be my everything.” It’s quite another to let Him be your everything. In order to do this we must surrender everything we hold onto so that we have room to embrace Him. We must surrender every area of our life to Him so that He can teach us His will and His ways. He wants all of you and he wants all of me. He wants us to let Him be the intimate lover and savior of our souls that He really is.


That’s what this journey is all about.




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