I spoke too soon…

…I haven’t managed to avoid the flu bug afterall.  

I really don’t like to be sick. (I know, who does?) I don’t like how weak I feel. I don’t like how unproductive it makes me. And I definitely don’t like how my flesh rears it’s ugly head when I’m tired and not feeling well. It’s at times like these that I have to rely on Him moment by moment. Not because this flu is anything that bad, but because when I’m sick I can be so bad and so very selfish. So God and I have been real tight today. Lots of opportunities to depend on and rest in Him.


Ella’s doing a little better today but she’s still pretty tired. Claire is just miserable. She finally feels bad enough to where she’s not pretending she’s ok when some opportunity for fun comes along that might distract her from not feeling so good (i.e. playing with the neighbors, swimming etc.) Both girls just want to sit in my lap and cling to me.  Although I hate that their feeling bad there’s a sweetness in the way they need me.

I wonder if that’s how our Abba Father feels when we’re  physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. I have to believe that He hates to see us feeling bad. But He must just love it when we finally stop trying to distract ourselves or make our flesh feel better and we crawl up onto His lap and rely completely on Him and His strength.


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