Only by grace…

gaze at cross 


Eternal goodness,

you want me to gaze into you

and see that you love me,

to see that you love me gratuitously,

so that I may love everyone

with the very same love.

You want me, then,

to love and serve my neighbors gratuitously,

by helping them

spiritually and materially

as much as I can

without any expectation of selfish profit or pleasure.

Nor do you want me to hold back

because of their ingratitude or persecution,

or for any abuse I may suffer from them.

What then shall I do

to come to such a vision?

I shall strip myself of my stinking garment,

and by the light of most holy faith

I shall contemplate myself in you.

And, I shall clothe myself in your eternal will…

St. Catherine of Siena


To gaze into Christ and know His love in such a way that I would turn around and love others like He loves me…

Only by grace might this come to pass…

Only by grace do I even desire it.


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