What are you giving up?

The most asked question during the Lenten season:

So what are you giving up?Some years I’ve answered this question. Other years I’ve felt like the Holy Spirit has told me to keep it between the Lord and myself. One year it wasn’t so much a giving up as it was a “taking on” of the active pursuit of reconciliation and healing in some relationships that had become strained.I’m not sharing the things the Lord has asked me to surrender or give up this year. Let’s just say this is gonna’ be a challenging Lent, a really really challenging Lent. God must have known it was going to be hard on me because He called me to this sacrifice a few weeks ago. I guess He thought I needed a little extra time on my knees in prayer (yes, that’s how strong-willed I am).  

Because I’ve had a jump start on this Lent my flesh is starting to rebel a little and I have moments when I feel  a little cranky about this whole “sacrifice thing.” [Hey, for you it’s only day 6, I’ve been at this for a few weeks!] 🙂

The other day when someone asked me what I planned to give up here were a few of the thoughts that crossed my mind. 

  • Driving in the traffic caused by the slow snowbirds who’ve invaded Florida for the winter!
  • Brussel sprouts (ok, I gave those up a longggggg time ago)
  • Exercise!
  • Planning and prepping for dinner  each night (don’t mind cooking, just all the prep work)
  • Folding laundry (Actually, I don’t have to give that one up, Scott folds most of the laundry in this house. Don’t ask me how I got lucky with that one. I just did.)
  • Did I say exercise yet? 🙂
  • Standing in line at the grocery store with all the slow snowbirds (yes, I have patience issues)
  • Doing dishes, scrubbing toilets, mopping floors…Cleaning in general

I think that’s all for now. I’m feeling better now that I shared what my flesh really wants to give up.

Seriously though…

There’s great joy that comes with obedience to God’s call to sacrifice and surrender during Lent. May you know the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings as you prepare your heart during this season. 


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