2007– Observations made, lessons learned

Here are some lessons learned and observations I’ve made in 2007. 

(Listed in no particular order)


  1. The grass is always greener until you jump over the fence.
  2. You can put a house on the market but that doesn’t mean it will sell. J
  3. Exercise is a necessary “evil” in my life.
  4. I really don’t know what it means to suffer — except maybe when I’m exercising 🙂
  5. Every family has its own level of dysfunction…It’s called the flesh!
  6. People who look like they have it all together more than likely don’t. Because…(see #5)
  7. People who try hard to make it look like they have it all together definitely don’t.
  8. If I’m not willing to examine WHY “I do the things I don’t want to do” then it’s likely I won’t stop doing “the things I don’t want to do.” 
  9. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away and it won’t always make sense.
  10. You can miss someone you’ve never even met.
  11. The Golden Rule doesn’t always work because not everyone wants to be “done unto” as “you would have them do unto you.” 
  12. Prayer works.
  13. When you pray “Lord, do whatever it takes to…” be prepared because there’s a good chance He will.
  14. Everybody has a story to tell (or two or three…) 
  15. Loving people is sometimes (ok, almost always) a bit “messy” and never easy but love them anyway cause Jesus loves you.

    Here’s to a new year with new opportunities to live and love like Jesus.

Take time to listen to and get involved in someone’s story in 2008. 

Happy New Year!  


4 Responses to 2007– Observations made, lessons learned

  1. timglass says:

    I learn #9 over again every year!

    Great list!

  2. marklunsford says:

    Hi Amy! I’m really enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for writing. I’m not here to contribute any depth, just wanted to say congrats on LSU winning last night. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Hi Mark-
    Good to hear from you. I hope life in Texas is going smoothly. I’m sure there have been many adjustments for you and your family. Keep in touch.
    Yes, I was rather impressed with those Tigers! It’s good to have at least one of my alma maters do so well. Can’t say much for my ‘Noles though :-(.

  4. Hi Amy
    I have Google set up to send me alerts when it finds reference to the Golden Rule which is how I found you.

    I like your observations. I hope you don’t mind if I disagree with your comment about applying the Golden Rule though. In order to apply it in the way Jesus did we have to be able to understand what the other person would want first. It’s the guideline of which Jesus said everything else hangs.

    I have a site with collected information on the Golden Rule. If you’re interested, please drop by.

    David Keating

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