While I was away…

I was out-of-town serving on a women’s retreat last week. Now I’m catching up with life.

While catching up on household tasks I’ve been processing a few things I heard in some talks given on the weekend. These talks were given by several women and a couple of men who love Jesus. Here are a few of their comments I wrote down (some are paraphrased in my own words)…

  • We can’t be so quick to blame every difficulty or bad circumstance on Satan. A lot of the time difficult circumstances in my life are the result of my own flesh and sinfulness and choices I made.

Boy, ain’t that the truth! Satan is often an easy scapegoat when we don’t want to own up or take time to examine our own sinful behaviors. This is especially true when we don’t want to dig deep and find the root of our sin.  Satan may provide the temptation (just like he did with Jesus) but we are the ones who choose to act on his lies or not.

  • What Satan meant for evil in our lives God can turn into glory for his kingdom.

Ok, this one might seem like a contradiction to the first but it’s not.  The enemy lies to me and to others. He hopes we’ll act on these lies. His intent is for sin, for evil. But God can take even the devastating effects of evil in this world and turn it into glory for His Kingdom.  Isaiah 61: 3 –He can make beauty from ashes, provide the oil of gladness instead of mourning, a garment of praise instead of despair. I’m clinging to this one right now.

  • He is able to make something broken into something beautiful.

I’m  holding on to this truth too.

  • Sometimes we need to hear the tough stuff. And sometimes God delivers that tough stuff through sisters who hold us accountable to living in grace.

This one made me grateful for some special friends I have who aren’t afraid to speak the truth in love into my life.

  • Holy Spirit, help me to be the husband and man of God that she needs me to be.

Of course, I would reword this…Lord help me to be the wife and woman of God that Scott needs me to be. I would also add, “Lord help me to be the mother Claire and Ella need me to be.” I need to pray this one several times a day.

That’s it for the moment. Now it’s time to catch up on the laundry.


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