Happy Birthday Ella

 Ella turned four today. She’s our youngest and she’s definitely our little spitfire. She has my strong will; she daily provides challenging moments for us and she’s only four (Lord, have mercy!). Ella also has this really “grateful” heart. It never ceases to amaze me when she, unprompted by an adult or her big sister, reaches up and takes my hand and thanks me for something I’ve done or am doing for her. I’m really glad to be her mom. I’m just sad that time is flying by so quickly and she’s already four.

Ella, this is my birthday prayer for you this year:

Father, Ella is your beloved daughter on whom your favor rests. Through the precious gift of baptism I know that your Holy Spirit lives in my little girl. Sweet Spirit teach her how to direct her strong will toward the will of the Father so that she will be a strong woman of God who is firmly rooted in truth. Jesus show her how to fully surrender her will to the Father and teach her to pray “not my will, but yours be done.”  Lord, may her grateful heart lead her to sing your praises and help her to find contentment no matter the circumstances of her life.  Amen.


One Response to Happy Birthday Ella

  1. timglass says:

    Happy Birthday Ella!!!

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