Family Tradition: Bagel Monday

This week’s Tuesday’s Tradition: Bagel Monday 


A couple of years ago my husband left his “corporate America” job. Too many hours spent commuting and pouring himself into the the job and the lives of the 50 plus people he managed, not enough hours at home with Claire, Ella and me. He’d be the first to tell you that he dreaded Sunday nights and Monday mornings. I could see his presence slipping away on Sunday evenings as his mind drifted toward all that needed to be done at the office the next day. I didn’t know it at the time but Monday mornings were even worse. The girls would walk him to the door and Claire would say “Daddy don’t go, stay home with us” while Ella would cling to his leg. He told me later he wouldn’t even get to the car door before the tears would start. It was a happy day in our home when he decided to leave that job. It was also a step a faith because he had no other job lined up at the time.

After Scott left his job he took a year-long hiatus from the mortgage industry and ended up working with a family friend helping him to develop his computer networking business. It was then that we started a new tradition in our home, we called it Bagel Monday. Every Monday morning we’d head out as a family and get bagels for breakfast. Instead of dreading the end of the weekend and our family time we made Monday mornings an extension of the weekend and a celebration of the week to come.  In their excitement, the girls would wake us up very early on Monday chanting “Bagel Monday, Bagel Monday.” Although their wake up call came much earlier than I would have preferred it was still a much better way to start the work week!

This little tradition conjures up fond memories; like the way that Claire called it Cinnamon Roll Monday because that’s what she always convinced her daddy to get instead of a bagel. Eventually Bagel Monday morphed into Bagel Saturday which later morphed into Daddy Date Night when I needed a night off to work on a project related to a ministry we support. It will morph again and again depending on our family needs.

My hope is that the girls will always remember these family traditions/rituals and have fond memories too. As they get older (epecially as they become teenagers and young adults) I pray our traditions become ways for us “keep in touch” and “in tune” as a family. I may be idealistic but I envision heart to heart talks with the girls over coffee and bagels; times of sharing what God is doing in their lives as well as laughing about life. My idealistic vision starts off something like this: Claire and Ella come home on a college break. They’ll probably stay up late all weekend as college students are known to do. On Monday morning Scott and I will knock on their door (much earlier than they would prefer) and chant “Bagel Monday, Bagel Monday.” 

Family traditions (and paybacks)…you gotta’ love ’em.


So what’s your favorite family tradition or ritual?


2 Responses to Family Tradition: Bagel Monday

  1. timglass says:

    The only “tradition” we’ve been able to maintain from the beginning is one that we do on Christmas morning.
    Before we exchange or open any gifts, we read from the Gospel of Luke 2:1-20. After that, we say a prayer thanking God for giving us His Son for our salvation, reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. Then we exchange and open our gifts.
    Advent and Lent are 2 more that we hope to improve on.

  2. Amy says:

    Hey Tim-
    I like that Christmas tradition. Advent is one my favorite seasons for faith traditions. Can’t wait to write about it. Now Lent is another story. That’s a season where we could use some help around here.

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