Daddy Date Night

Whenever I have a meeting to attend or I just need a “night off” my husband walks through the house announcing in a loud voice, “It’s Daddy Date Night.” In a matter of seconds you can hear shrill screams reverberating through the walls of our home. I swear you would think that we have six chilren instead of two. After the girls finish screaming they usually run through the house chanting “Daddy Date Night, Daddy Date Night…” Needless to say, my girls LOVE Daddy Date Nights.

Yesterday I had a ministry meeting scheduled for 6:00 pm so Scott made plans for his date with the girls. He asked me to put the girls in dresses (not the norm) and have them ready to leave by 2:00 pm (looked like this date would be an all day affair– nice gift of time for me). Scott left work early and came home to pick up the girls. As he walked in the door my oldest curtsied and then spun around for his approval. It was quite a sight. Scott loaded them up and they were off. 

Now, this is where I marvel at my husband because truth be told, he could take the girls just about anywhere and they would be happy. My girls would go to Home Depot and think that’s a good date (at this rate the men they marry owe us big-time!).  So, Scott could have gone someplace that interested him; someplace where he could have done something really important (like walking through the nuts and bolts aisle at Ace Hardware). But not my man, nope, instead they were off to watch ballroom dancing. Yes, you read that correctly. My husband left work early to watch ballroom dancing. [As I write this I realize that it may never actually be posted. Scott may need to salvage whatever reputation he has among some of our friends who read this.]

The ballroom dancing competition was a hit with the girls (big surprise!). But they won’t fully appreciate this date with their dad until they’re older and are able to comprehend what it means to have their dad (who is a self-professed recovering work-alcoholic) take an afternoon away from the office to watch ballroom dancers and talk about “pretty pink costumes.”

Daddy Date Night may have a new standard to meet in our home. Then again, probably not, because as much as my girls love Dadddy Date Night, they love their Daddy even more.


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